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English Language Club


PUELC’s vision is to develop the ability of the students at all levels of study to become proficient English language users through professional language training and continuous language support.



  • giving them the opportunity to stay with English along with their regular academic activities and develop necessary language skills needed for their academic success.
  • assisting students to achieve language competency needed for professional success.
  • creating a platform for the students where they can meet with new people and make new friends so that they can develop necessary skills to deal with new people and develop understanding within a group.
  • inspiring students to be autonomous learners and successful individuals.
  • providing the learners with fun and enjoyment to remove monotony in the process of learning and motivate them to learn more.



                Members of the English Language Club will be able to

  • develop all the language skills (e.g. reading, writing, listening, speaking) needed for academic success.
  • develop confidence and skills needed for professional success.
  • communicate effectively in real situations both in oral and written form
  • develop interpersonal and group communication skill
  • develop mutual understanding and social relationship within group.

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