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Why Presidency University?

Because we provide quality education at an affordable cost. We have qualified faculty base, state of the art lab facilities, student friendly campus environment for study and strict academic rules and guidelines for each and every student.

School of Business


Business learning is grounding for existence. Ensuing in any environment requires the aptitude to think significantly, to analyze data, to make counsels and to converse them effectively and efficiently. While recognizing what has been envisioned by a leading Business educator Dr. Victoria Wise of Deakin Business School, Australia that we can look forward to a very public and continuing debate about business education delivery and quality as educators continue to restructure and innovate in the pursuit of educational programs which are most efficient in producing students able to operate effectively in the global business environment. Keeping these things in mind the school provides a quality undergraduate and graduate education and offers specialized grounding of the first rank in business learning.

The school prepares a broad spectrum of graduates and undergraduates for a wide range of existence hunts while fostering a passion for knowledge; an understanding and a questioning of cultural values; and a view of themselves as independent, lifelong learners, and contributors to knowledge and service in an ever-changing world.

Apart from that our students gain advanced preparation in global management, innovative management, social issues of management, team-building, managing diversity, business strategy, installing innovation and responding to the changing environment of business. The curriculum develops written and oral communication skill and the use of leading technology.

 Our Strengths

A highly qualified team of faculty members consisting of both academic scholars having industry background and practitioners from the field of working as the class facilitators.


 All faculty members of the Business School have outstanding educational backgrounds with many having degrees from the top ranked universities of the world. They go through regular teacher training programs to stay updated on the latest teaching techniques. They spend extra hours for the students beyond the class time and participate in all student activities as adviser.  

 Democratic learning environment exists so that students can develop an approach to have their own insights into the problems with independent thinking


The BBA program is designed to groom young persons to become efficient managers for business, private and public sector corporations and the government. Normally the BBA Program has been designed for 4 years (approximately) which aims at preparing graduates for entry-level management positions. It also instills skills and knowledge that will enable them to advance to senior positions in the organizational hierarchy. The focus is on complete grooming of the students' personality by providing an integrated education in the field of business at the undergraduate level. The major areas of concentration are Finance; Human Resource Management; Marketing; Accounting; Operations Management; Management Information System (MIS); Banking and Insurance and Financial Economics.

The courses in the BBA program expose the students to innovative strategies, creative skills, group focus and simulated business situations.


The MBA program is designed to train students to become effective managers for business corporations and government. The areas of concentration are Finance, Corporate Management, Banking & Insurance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Micro Finance, Health Care Management, Management Information System (MIS), Financial Economics and Real Estate Management. The courses in our MBA program expose the students to innovative strategies, group focus and unstructured and simulated business situations.


The University has designed an Executive MBA program to meet the need of the executives having either undergraduate business degree or degree in areas other than business. The curriculum offers a unique opportunity for the managers or executives to upgrade professional expertise and to improve their managerial skills.As a continuing education program, EMBA offers the executives an opportunity to pursue professional development side by side with their fulltime work. The program is suitable for middle to senior level managers working in both local and multinational organizations. The courses in the Executive MBA program expose students to innovative strategies, group focus and unstructured and simulated business situations, and real case studies.

Scope for double Major in MBA and EMBA Program is also available to cope with diversity need of the industry.

Co-curricular Activities

School of Business provides opportunities for its students to participate in international seminars, workshops, professional lectures, business conferences conducted by national and international academics. Apart from that our in-house faculties are participating in different national and international conferences and publishing papers in recognized research journals. They are contributing in quality teaching and valuable research work at home and abroad as well. Some faculties have already been recognized by “best paper awards” in home and abroad.

To penetrate a cultural environment for the students of School of Business, it undertakes several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like Business Case Study, football tournament, cricket tournament, debate, music, dance,   drama, fashion show and so on. 

Undergraduate Programs

  • BBA-123 Credits


Graduate Programs

  • MBA (regular)- 60 Credits
  • MBA (Executive) - 45 Credits
  • EMBA (Weekend -Friday) - 45 Credits