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Core Course List for CE

Courses List

Term Course #TitleCreditTypeHour / week Registration
Term Course #TitleCreditTypeHour / week Registration
Term Course #TitleCreditTypeHour / week Registration
Term Course #TitleCreditTypeHour / week Registration
Basic Science: 11 credit hours
Term Course #TitleCreditTypeHour / week Registration
PHY 101Physics I3T3
PHY 103Physics II1P3
PHY 104Physics Lab.3T3
CHEM 101Chemistry I3T3
CHEM 102Chemistry lab1P3
 Mathematics: 15 credit hours
MATH 101Calculus3T3
MATH 103Differential Equations3T3
MATH 105Coordinate Geometry & Vector Analysis3T3
MATH 107Chemistry I3T3
MATH 203Probability & Statistics3T3
Humanities: 12 credit hours
ENG 101English Composition3T3
ECO 101Introduction to Economics3T3
SOC 101Sociology3T3
ACT 2013Principles of Accounting3T3
Engineering: 108 credit hours
CE 111Introduction to Civil Engineering3T3
CE 113Civil Engineering Drawing and CAD3T/P3
CE 115Surveying3T3
CE 116Practical surveying (2 weeks)3T
CE 1316Engineering Mechanics3T
CE 211Computer Programming and & Numerical Techniques3T3
CE 223Engineering Materials3T3
CE 224Engineering Materials Lab1P3
CE 221Engg. Geology and Geomorphology3T3
CE 231Mechanics of Solids3T3
CE 232Structural Mechanics and Materials Lab1P3
ENV 210Environmental Sciencen3T3
CE 2140Quantity survey1P3
CE 215GIS Lab1P3
CE 216Quantity survey1P3
CE 225Fluid Mechanics3T3
CE 226Fluid Mechanics Lab1P3
CE 321Hydrology3T3
CE 331Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals3T3
CE 341Principles of Geotechnical Engineering3T3
CE 342Geotechnical Engineering Lab1P3
CE 371Open Channel Hydraulics3T3
CE 372Open Channel Hydraulics Lab1P3
CE 333Design of RC Structures3T3
CE 334RC Design Session1P3
CE 335Structural Analysis and Design I3T3
CE 343Foundation Design and Construction3T3
CE 361Water Supply Engineering3T3
CE 362Water and Waste Water Quality Lab1P3
CE 350Building Services3T3
CE 351Transportation and Traffic Engineering3T3
CE 353Highway Materials and Design3T3
CE 354Highway Materials and Traffic Engg. Lab1P3
CE 363Waste Water, Sewage and Sanitary Engg.3T3
CE 431Structural Analysis and Design II3T3
CE 432Structural Analysis and Design II Session1P3
CE 471Irrigation, Flood Control and Drainage3T3
** ***Elective 13T3
** ***Elective 23T3
** ***Elective 33T3
CE 492Capstone Design (1+2=3)1P3
CE 494Project / thesis (1+2=3)1P3
** ***Elective 43T3
** ***Elective 53T3
CE 492Capstone Design (1+2=3)2P3
CE 494Project/thesis (1+2=3)2P3
Total = 124 (Theory) + 22 (Practical/lab) = 146 credit hours

[T=Theory; P=Practical/lab]


B. Elective courses (5 courses, at least 15 credits)

1. Civil Engineering electives (two courses from the same group, at least 6 credits)*

SpecializationCourse numberTitle
Environmental engineering
CE 463Solid and hazardous waste engineering (3)
CE 465Environmental Management (3)
CE 461Environmental Impact Assessment (3)
CE 467Environmental Pollution control (3)
Geotechnical engineeringCE 441Earth Retaining Structures (3)
CE 443Soil Mechanics Theories and Application (3)
CE 445Soil Water Interaction Problems (3)
Structural engineeringCE 433Earth Retaining Structures (3)
CE 435Dynamics of Structures (3)
CE 437Design of Steel Structures (3)
CE 439Pre-stressed Concrete Structures (3)
Transportation engineeringCE 451Transportation Planning And Economics (3)
CE 453Traffic Engineering & Management(3)
CE 455Highway Drainage and Airports (3)
Water resources engineeringCE 473Coastal And Estuarine Systems (3)
CE 475River engineering (3)
CE 477Design Of Hydraulic Structures (3)

* New courses may be added to this list in future as per the requirement of the profession


2. Open electives (any three courses offered at Presidency University, at least 9 credits)

Science, mathematics, tools, practiceChem 103Chemistry for Engineers (3)
Math 405Applied Mathematics to Civil Engineering Problems (3)
CE 481Project Planning and Management
CE 485Socio-economic aspects of Development Projects (3)
CE 499Special Topic (s)
CE 500Professional Training (3)
Courses not used to meet specialization requirement as stated aboveCE ***Any course from the list of CE Specialization courses